80% of Australians shop and book online

Online Bookings Provide Convenience for Customers and More Business for Your Salon

More and more of your customers are using the internet to select and purchase goods and services.  Not only is this more convenient for them, self-service online bookings can deliver cost savings for your business!

Online Bookings Provide Convenience for Customers and More Business for Your Salon

As a salon owner, you are always striving to attract new customers, keep your current customers happy, and increase your bottom line. Deskpad has a software solution that can help your salon do all three.

Deskpad's real-time online booking software will give your current customers the convenience to book an appointment whenever and wherever they want, whether your salon is open or not, and will help you stand out to potential customers. You will be able to block out the available appointment slots, so your customers will only see what times are open. Instead of receiving the message that your salon is closed, customers who call the salon after hours will hear the message that they have the option to book online at any time instead of having to wait until the next day to call back.

You can even access your appointment book from home or anywhere with an internet connection, even from your iPhone, so you can make changes or updates even when you are away from the salon. The software can also handle bookings for multiple services with the same or different stylists/beauticians in the same appointment.

So let Deskpad help you give your customers the convenience they need, attract new customers, and fill up your appointment book, even when your salon is closed.

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