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If you could get the word out about your salon to more potential customers at no cost, wouldn’t you do it? With your free listing in the salon directory on, the go-to spot for Australians looking for the latest beauty tips, trends, and articles, you can reach a larger number of people than you could in other directories.

The salon directory is different because it is not just a listing of your salon name and address, it includes so much more. When you provide your email address, you receive an enhanced listing in the directory (free for the first 12 months), which means you can include information on products and services offered, specials, and news. Including this information not only helps you differentiate yourself from your competition, it helps you receive the best organic search results for potential customers looking for a salon. The more details you provide, the more likely your salon is to come up higher in the search list.

Also, your potential customers will be able to see customer reviews (which you can manage), a salon photograph, links to your salon website, links to Twitter and Facebook, and a location map.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to reach more potential customers in your area and to let those customers know why they should come to your salon instead of your competitors. Enhancing your listing is easy! Just go to and type your salon name in the Salon Finder. Under your basic listing you will see a short form which you can fill out and post. You will receive an email with a link to update your salon. Remember, your current customers are your best advertisement, so encourage them to write a review and tell everyone about their great experience at your salon.

Want more exposure for your salon? Become a guest blogger and share your hair and beauty advice with your potential customers.

Adding your salon

Use the suggest a salon form to list your salon in the directory.  If you are the owner, you will receive an email with a link to your new salon web page and a link to update your listing.  See below for more information about updating your listing.

Listing Features

FeatureBasic ListingFull ListingPremium Listing
Business name and contact details YES YES YES
Reader reviews and comments YES YES YES
Location map YES YES YES
Salon info, news and special offers YES YES YES
Link to salon website
Salon photo

Product and Service info

Links to Twitter and Facebook
Manage Reader Comments
Photo gallery

Top Ranking in all Searches and Listings

Featured Listing Banner

Price FREE

$99 p.a.

FREE for the first 12 months

$132 p.a.

Basic Listings are free for all salon owners!  To add details about your salon, just register with your salon email address!

Full Listings are provided as a free service to all salon owners for the first 12 months.  After this the owner may revert to a basic listing or pay $99 per year to renew the full listing subscription.  Benefits include a link through to your salon website, a photo and product and service tags which mean your salon will be featured on articles which talk about services you provide, referring more visitors through to your listing page.

Premium Listings are available as an optional upgrade to any existing Full Listing, and will give the Salon top ranking in all search and browse results as well as a banner advertisement featured on rotation in strategic locations on the SASSABLE.COM website.

Updating your listing

Your full listing can include lots of information about your salon including opening hours, news and special offers, and service and product information including pricing.

When you receive your introductory email from SASSABLE.COM you will be able to click on the link to update your listing.

With a full listing you can also remove any reader comments you do not want displayed on your listing page.

The update your listing form is in 5 parts...

  1. General information including address, telephone number, website address, etc.
  2. About Us, News and Special Offers, Opening Hours and Photos.
    This information will be displayed at the start of your listing.
  3. Product and Service information
    This information is displayed in bullet point form, and in more detail at the end of your listing. This information will also be used to index your listing page and link to your salon from blog posts and articles on the website.
  4. General Service Information
    This information may be used for advanced directory searches and/or be displayed at the end of your listing page.
  5. Reader Comments
    Encourage your happy customers to post a comment on your listing page!
    Reviews and testimonials are included in your listing to help attract more traffic to your page and encourage potential customers to contact your salon. Any comments which you do not want displayed may be removed.

Upgrade to Premium

Click here to request an upgrade.